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White Ceramic Planters

Please contact us for carriage costs


These planters are covered with a slightly translucent thick white glaze making them an interesting feature in any design.


Design Length Width Height Price £ Delivery
W4 30cm 30cm 26cm 29.00


W4 39cm 39cm 34cm 39.00


W4 46cm 46cm 43cm 95.00


W4 53cm 53cm 49cm 129.00


W6 16cm 16cm 22cm 19.00


W6 30cm 30cm 35cm 40.00


W6 33cm 33cm 60cm 86.00


W6 36cm 36cm 90cm 162.00


W8 33cm 33cm 60cm 72.00


W8 36cm 36cm 70cm 95.00


W8 46cm 46cm 90cm 195.00


Stock Delivery Times 3 = 3 days, 10 = 10 days,
X Ring for Details

All Prices EXCLUDE Value Added Tax

Please contact us for carriage costs

If an item is shown with a number in brackets (2), this means that what you are buying is two items, with one nesting inside the other, The size of the largest item is shown, the second item is smaller.

For interior use consider using a Flexiline liner.

 For exterior use you may wish us to add drainage holes, we can now do this for you with our new water cooled, diamond cutting drill. This leaves a clean, 12mm diameter hole in the toughest ceramic planters with little risk of damage. Use the box on our order form to let us know you want this done. There is an extra 5.00 (+VAT) charge for this service.

Most of our ceramic planters are hand-produced and are fired in traditional wood kilns and therefore, minor variations in colour, size or shape may occur amongst different planters within the same series. Most of our ceramics are perfectly suitable for outdoor use. However, extreme weather and root growth can cause damage.

Please note that all containers over 700mm diameter and all real ceramic planters are palletised. Pallet deliveries usually cost around 55.00 per pallet-all deliveries involving pallets are chargeable, whatever the order size, so if your delivery requires a pallet please ask us to quote.

Minimum carriage paid order 500.00 if your order comes to less than this a 12.95 carriage charge applies. UK Mainland Orders Only.

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