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Roto-Moulded Plastic Replica Terracotta Planters and Troughs

These planters are rotationally moulded from a high performance, UV resistant, polymer. Stable, strong and hardwearing, these imitation terracotta planters make a very practical and economical form of plant container. They are 100% watertight for interior use and can be drilled for use outside.

When planted, they closely resemble real terracotta planters without the obvious drawbacks of weight and fragility, making them ideal for plants and shrubs that have to be moved on a regular basis.


Design Length Width/


Price £

Order Stock
REPT1   42cm 34cm 14.00 BUY 3
REPT1   49cm 42cm 27.00 BUY 3
REPT1   61cm 52cm 42.00 BUY 3
REPT1   73cm 63cm 65.00 BUY 3
REPT1   110cm 85cm 175.00 BUY 10
REPT2 40cm 40cm 45cm 37.25 BUY 3
REPT2 50cm 50xm 56cm 59.90 BUY 3
REPT2 60cm 60cm 67cm 61.05 BUY 3
REPT2B 40cm 40cm 45cm 37.25 BUY 3
REPT2B 50cm 50xm 56cm 59.90 BUY 3
REPT3 35cm 35cm 50cm 39.00 BUY 3
REPT3 40cm 40cm 70cm 59.95 BUY 3
REPT3 45cm 45cm 90cm 89.00 BUY 3
REPT3B 40cm 40cm 70cm 59.95 BUY 3
REPT4 65cm 32cm 30cm 26.00 BUY 3
REPT4 97cm 32cm 30cm 39.00 BUY 3


Stock Delivery Times 3 = 3 days, 10 = 10 days,
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Minimum carriage paid order 500.00 if your order comes to less than this a 12.95 carriage charge applies. UK Mainland Orders Only.

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Design REPT4 Trough

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