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Galvanised Steel Planters

These are top quality galvanised steel planters, very robust and built to last. Ideal for commercial and civic work, with a good range of sizes and matching accessories, such as the pillar and the garden mirror.

These distinctive galvanised planters are highly recommended for use by garden designers and architects. For interior use consider using a Flexiline liner.


Design Length Width Height Price £ Time
GS1 45cm 45cm 90cm POA 10
GS1 50cm 50cm 50cm POA 10
GS1 70cm 70cm 70cm POA 10
GS1 90cm 90cm 50cm POA 10
GS1 90cm 90cm 90cm POA 10
GS2 40cm 40cm 40cm POA 10
GS2 40cm 40cm 90cm POA 10
GS2 40cm 40cm 120cm POA 10
GS2 50cm 50cm 50cm POA 10
GS2 70cm 70cm 70cm POA 10
GS2 40cm 40cm 120cm POA 10
Design Diameter Height Bottom Price 10
GS3 50cm 50cm 35cm POA 10
GS3 60cm 60cm 45cm POA 10
GS3 70cm 70cm 55cm POA 10
GS4 40cm 60cm 25cm POA 10
GS4 45cm 90cm 30cm POA 10
GS4 50cm 120cm 35cm POA 10

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Please be aware that most metal planters (except aluminium) will eventually rust if used outside, even stainless steel. Therefore, care should be taken in positioning these planters to avoid staining to stone paving, etc., If these containers are used inside it is important to use a waterproof liner.