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Flexiline Planter Liners

These are very flexible planter liners, completely waterproof, very tough and ideal for lining just about any planter. All of the liners are circular but they are so flexible that you can even line square planters with them. They can be cut with scissors if the height needs to be reduced.

If you want to use planters indoors we recommend these liners for, built-in planters or for use in porous planters such as terracotta, planters that come with a drainage hole, or metal planters (inc stainless steel) that need protection from direct contact with water.

These are the liners professional interior landscapers use.


Design Diameter Height Price Order Stock
FLEX1 25cm 16cm


BUY 10
FLEX1 30cm 22cm


BUY 10
FLEX1 35cm 25cm


BUY 10
FLEX1 40cm 30cm


BUY 10
FLEX1 45cm 35cm


BUY 10
FLEX1 50cm 38cm


BUY 10
FLEX1 55cm 40cm


BUY 10
FLEX1 60cm 45cm


BUY 10
FLEX1 65cm 48cm


BUY 10
FLEX1 70cm 45cm


BUY 10
FLEX1 80cm 60cm


BUY 10

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