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Stainless Steel Planters

These stainless steel planters are made in the UK, with fully welded seams and finished to a high standard. All of the planters here are made to order, if the size you need is not shown - please ask us to quote. Two finishes are available polished or brushed. These planters are made to be long lasting and of a quality that meets the needs of garden designers and architects, at a reasonable price. Highly recommended.

We can also supply other steel based finishes such as colour coated steel, five bar and galvanised, again, please ask us for a quotation.

Please note that like ALL stainless steel planters these planters will eventually rust. If you are using the planters indoors we recommend the use of a liner, this is because some plant fertilisers can eat into the steel and many plant roots secrete an acidic solution which has a similar effect. It is also a good idea to stand any metal planters on a cork mat or similar to prevent condensation forming on the base.

Orders normally take about 3 weeks. For interior use consider using a Flexiline liner.

Brushed Square Stainless Steel Wide Rim

Design Length Width Height Price Order Stock
  40cm 40cm 40cm 208.00   MTO
  50cm 50cm 50cm 256.00   MTO
  60cm 60cm 60cm 312.00   MTO
Brushed Stainless Steel Taper
Design Length Width Height Price Order Stock
  60cm 60cm 100cm 345.00   MTO
  40cm 40cm 100cm 292.00   MTO
  40cm 40cm 90cm 270.00   MTO
  40cm 40cm 75cm 255.00   MTO
  27cm 27cm 55cm 210.00   MTO
Brushed Stainless Steel Square
Design Length Width Height Price Order Stock
  35cm 35cm 75cm 255.00   MTO
  40cm 40cm 80cm 265.00   MTO
  60cm 60cm 72cm 315.00   MTO
  50cm 50cm 70cm 204.00   MTO
Brushed Stainless Steel Trough
Design Length Width Height Price Order Stock
  200cm 50cm 75cm 660.00   MTO
  200cm 24cm 47cm 540.00   MTO
  195cm 30cm 50cm 630.00   MTO
  180cm 50cm 65cm 690.00   MTO
  120cm 40cm 40cm 255.00   MTO
  100cm 50cm 50cm 277.00   MTO
  100cm 30cm 30cm 195.00   MTO
  100cm 15cm 15cm 172.00   MTO
  90cm 30cm 30cm 187.00   MTO
  75cm 30cm 30cm 172.00   MTO
  75cm 20cm 20cm 157.00   MTO
  50cm 20cm 20cm 142.00   MTO
Polished Circular Stainless Steel
Design Length Width Height Price   Stock
  40cm 40cm 40cm 235.00   MTO
  40cm 40cm 70cm 335.00   MTO
  40cm 40cm 90cm 360.00   MTO
  50cm 50cm 50cm 260.00   MTO
  50cm 50cm 70cm 347.00   MTO
  50cm 50cm 90cm 375.00   MTO
  60cm 60cm 60cm 360.00   MTO
  60cm 60cm 100cm 417.00   MTO
  80cm 80cm 80cm 453.00   MTO
  80cm 80cm 125cm 510.00   MTO
  90cm 90cm 90cm 540.00   MTO
  90cm 90cm 125cm 595.00   MTO
  97cm 97cm 97cm 550.00   MTO

Stock Delivery Times 3 = 3 days, 10 = 10 days,
X Ring for Details MTO = Made to Order 3 Weeks

All Prices EXCLUDE Value Added Tax

Minimum carriage paid order 500.00 if your order comes to less than this a 12.95 carriage charge applies. UK Mainland Orders Only.

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