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Conica Stainless Steel Planters

The top of the range. The clean architectural lines of these conical planters are really stylish, although at a price. These are very high quality stainless steel planters, manufactured in Europe they are designed for interior use, although the can be used outside if required.

All Conica stainless steel planters have a special rubberised coating on the inside to resist acid erosion caused by plant roots and some fertilisers. They also have a wooden base, or are supplied with castors. This avoids problems with condensation.

If you love them but can't afford to use them on your project see our English stainless steel range, these are also great quality.


Design Top Dia Base Dia Height Stock
SSC1 40cm 30cm 40cm
SSC1 40cm 30cm 60cm
SSC1 40cm 30cm 80cm
SSC1 40cm 30cm 100cm
SSC1 50cm 40cm 40cm
SSC1 50cm 40cm 50cm
SSC1 50cm 40cm 60cm
SSC1 50cm 40cm 80cm
SSC1 50cm 40cm 100cm
SSC1 60cm 40cm 75cm
SSC1 60cm 40cm 95cm
SSC1 60cm 40cm 115cm
SSC1 60cm 40cm 135cm
SSC1 70cm 50cm 75cm
SSC1 70cm 50cm 95cm
SSC1 70cm 50cm 115cm
SSC1 70cm 50cm 135cm
SSC1 70cm 50cm 150cm
SSC1 70cm 50cm 180cm
SSC2 40cm 30cm 40cm
SSC2 40cm 30cm 60cm
SSC2 40cm 30cm 80cm
SSC2 40cm 30cm 100cm
SSC2 50cm 40cm 40cm
SSC2 50cm 40cm 50cm
SSC2 50cm 40cm 60cm
SSC2 50cm 40cm 80cm
SSC2 50cm 40cm 100cm
SSC3 40cm 30cm 40cm
SSC3 40cm 30cm 60cm
SSC3 40cm 30cm 80cm
SSC3 40cm 30cm 100cm
SSC4 40cm 30cm 40cm
SSC4 40cm 30cm 60cm
SSC4 40cm 30cm 80cm
SSC4 40cm 30cm 100cm
SSC4 50cm 40cm 40cm
SSC4 50cm 40cm 50cm
SSC4 50cm 40cm 60cm
SSC4 50cm 40cm 80cm
SSC4 50cm 40cm 100cm
SSC4 60cm 40cm 75cm
SSC4 60cm 40cm 95cm
SSC4 60cm 40cm 115cm
SSC4 60cm 40cm 135cm
SSC4 70cm 50cm 75cm
SSC4 70cm 50cm 95cm
SSC4 70cm 50cm 115cm
SSC4 70cm 50cm 135cm
SSC5 70cm 50cm 120cm
SSC5 70cm 50cm 150cm
SSC5 70cm 50cm 180cm

Stock Delivery Times 3 = 3 days, 10 = 10 days,
X Ring for Details MTO = Made to Order 3 Weeks

All Prices EXCLUDE Value Added Tax

Minimum carriage paid order 500.00 if your order comes to less than this a 12.95 carriage charge applies. UK Mainland Orders Only.

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