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Spun Aluminium Planters

Spun aluminium planters, plain and very effective in creating a modern look to your interior planting. Heavy gauge aluminium with a brushed finish, lacquered to protect the shine. Solid and leak-proof - good value.

We think that brushed aluminium planters are the most sensible and cost effective option for interior planting. Aluminium is lightweight and has no chance of rusting. If the area is high use, such as a supermarket, where the planters might be knocked about by trolleys etc, then consider stainless steel, otherwise, we consider aluminium the best inside choice of planter.

DesignDiameterHeightPrice £Time days
AL1 20cm 20cm POA3
AL1 25cm 25cm POA3
AL130cm30cm POA3
AL135cm35cm POA3
AL140cm 40cm POA3
AL145cm45cm POA3
AL1 56cm 56cm POA3


DiameterHeightPrice £Time days
AL2 28cm 12cm POA3
AL2 30cm 15cm POA3
AL2 35cm 15cm POA3


DiameterHeightPrice £Time days
AL3 25cm 15cm POA3
AL330cm 20cm POA3
AL3 40cm 25cm POA3

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